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  1. How do I participate?

    Step 1: Purchase a minimum RM5.00 or SGD2.00 of any Chipsmore product in a single receipt.

    Step 2: Register and upload your receipt here.

    Step 3: All Contestants will receive their entitled dice rolls within 1-3 working days after validation. An email and sms notification will be sent upon successful validation of receipt for participation.

  1. How long will this contest run for?

    The contest will run for approximately 8 weeks beginning from 1st of March – 30th of April 2021*.

    *Latest submission of entry will be by 12:00am on May 7, 2021. Any submissions received after 7th May 2021 will not be accepted or entertained. However, all receipts dated must be within the contest duration.

  1. How many times can I participate?

    You can participate as many times as you wish during the contest duration.

  1. How many prizes can I win throughout the contest period?

    As long as you have a valid entry, you stand a chance to win as many prizes. Please refer to the full list of prizes here.

  1. How can I increase my chances of winning?

    Stay on top of the leaderboard until the contest ends to win any one of the Grand Prizes – OR – Answer a simple question and stand a chance to draw for your desired prizes once you have attained a minimum of 500 points!

  1. What is considered as a valid receipt?

    For details on what is considered a valid receipt, please click here to view the full criteria under the terms and conditions.

  1. How many times can I win the Weekly Bonus Wins prizes?

    You are entitled to participate a maximum of 4 times throughout the entire campaign. There will be a total of 4 challenges throughout and you stand a chance to win a maximum of x1 Cookie Bonus Prize per challenge.

  1. How do I submit for the Weekly Bonus Wins Video?

    Upload your weekly OTT challenge to your FB or IG and hashtag #chipsmoremonopoly; then paste your video URL under the Weekly Bonus Wins Section and click submit.

    To see the full criteria of the challenges, please refer to the Terms and Conditions here

  1. How do I get extra rolls of the dice?

    i. With a minimum purchase of Chipsmore products worth RM5.00 or SGD2.00 at any participating Tesco, FairPrice, 7-Eleven, Giant MY, Giant SG, Billion, TF-Value-Mart, RedMart, Fairprice or Shopee, you will be entitled to two [2] free dice rolls.

    ii. You also get one [1] free BONUS DICE ROLL should you purchase any Chipsmore Oats product within the same receipt.